Access to health care is a basic tenet of our society.  However,
in recent times, it has become increasingly difficult for most of
us to incorporate the high cost of health care into our everyday

HealthSpectrum, a South Florida based organization, serves as
a resource in the review, identification and selection of the
most appropriate and cost-effective health plan solutions for
individuals and businesses.
HealthSpectrum can provide you with general information, as
well as specific plan benefits and costs on:
Individual and Group Health Plans
HMO Plans
PPO Plans
POS Plans
Medicare HMO Plans
Indemnity Plans
Short-Term Medical Plans
Health Savings Accounts
Self-Insured Plans / Third-Party Administrator Services
Individual & Group Life Disability and Long-Term Care Ins.
Individual and Group Life Insurance; AD&D
Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance
Mortgage Protection Plans
Long-Term Care Plans
Individual and Group Supplemental Plans
Supplemental Insurance Plans
Major Medical
Medical Stop-Loss Insurance for Self-Insured Groups
Individual and Group Dental Plans
Dental DMO Plans
Dental PPO Plans
Dental Indemnity Plans
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